Ouya has found itself in a spot of bad PR recently. First the company’s official Twitter feed retweeted an enthusiastic fan’s tweet that may or may not have shown Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers (NES) being illegally played on an Ouya console and now it has briefly released an advert on…

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Hardware review: Ouya


When Ouya landed on Kickstarter, the reception throughout the gaming media world was understandably mixed. Why do we need an Android-based console to play the games that we’re already playing on mobile devices? We also heard many journalists’ sentiments that the console would never be competitive with the established digital…

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Ouya, the little Kickstarter project that could, has today finished its fundraising effort, pulling in a whopping $8.5 million. Given that the designers were looking for $950,000, that’s a pretty big deal. So what happens next? It would seem likely that, in addition to setting that $8.5 million in motion…

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