The Friday Ten: The ten best games from the first half of 2018


List by DDNet Team It’s that time of year! We’re halfway through, and having played dozens (and dozens) of games, it’s time to get down to business and list our favourite ten from the first half of the year. It’s been a good start to the year too, and narrowing…

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Opinion by Matt S. Well, no. But that’s completely okay. It’s good, even. It’s okay for a game to be pure-blooded, dumb-as-a-lobotomised-chimpanzee, visceral fun. It’s okay for a game to be a blockbuster. Having now finished the game myself, I happen to completely agree with Brad’s review on DDNet that…

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Sony wraps up this 2016’s E3 conferences with a presentation distinct in tone from the others. There weren’t any dancing clowns, comedy bits, or ten minute speeches. Heck, the in-game dialogue outweighed the presenters by a significant margin, I’d wager. Sony put its full focus on the latest blockbuster experiences…

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