Review: My Hero One’s Justice 2 (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A. With the original My Hero One’s Justice, developer Byking assembled a competent anime arena fighter. Its stylish comic book aesthetics harnessed My Hero Academia’s spirit and the combat system leveraged even the cast’s most eccentric superpowers. Much like series protagonist Midoriya Izuku, though, its untapped potential…

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Review: One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A. Saitama, the eponymous One Punch Man, has journeyed from homemade web comics to full-fledged Jump magazine releases to gloriously animated works. His next stop poses a dilemma: how do you incorporate a character that wins in a single blow into the video game medium, let alone…

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Review: Jump Force (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A.  On paper, the highly anticipated Jump Force evokes memories of 2014’s J-Stars Victory VS. They’re both arena fighting games starring the cast of Japan’s best-selling weekly manga anthology, Shōnen Jump magazine. As anniversary releases, they celebrate the spirit of the publication and the unforgettable faces native…

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