Watch the gameplay reveal for F2P game Sword of Convallaria


Free-to-play games can run the gamut from terrible and money-hungry to quite good (though still usually money-hungry). While I prefer premium games, even in the mobile world, some free-to-play games just catch my attention. Enter upcoming tactical RPG Sword of Convallaria. Calling it “Fire Emblem meets Final Fantasy Tactics” makes…

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Rilakkuma, Japan’s new favourite mascot, gets a new game (and it’s fun!) – Korilakkuma Tower Defense!


Hello Kitty faces serious competition nowadays. Once the darling of Japan’s deep and beloved mascot culture, Kitty is under serious threat of being replaced by her direct rival, Rilakkuma. It’s almost poetic. Hello Kitty is the creation of the mascot company, Sanrio, Rilakkuma is the creation of the mascot company,…

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