Review: Children of Silentown (PC)


On this month’s Digitally Uploaded podcast, my fellow DDNet-ers guessed what Children of Silentown will be like. Their conclusion was Little Nightmares. And I’d have to disagree. There’s no running, no action, due to the point-and-click nature of the game. Thematically, I guess it’s kind of close, but honestly, I…

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Review: Path of the Midnight Sun (PC)


Mystery. Romance. Monsters. These are common elements of JRPGs. And they are all part of Path of the Midnight Sun, a new indie entry to the genre that has just released. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to preview the game last month. Even in my brief (two…

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Review: Death Stranding Director’s Cut (Sony PlayStation 5)


Review by Matt S. I find the framing of the PlayStation 5 extended edition of Death Stranding intolerable. The concept of a “Director’s Cut” comes from cinema, and it represents the uncompressed creative vision of the director. Oftentimes a film has studio and producer meddling that results in a cinematic…

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