Kickstarter kicks into gear for Ouya: a new console with heart

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Kickstarter stories are a dime-a-dozen these days, but here’s one that is proving to be as successful as Tim Schafer.

Ouya, an Android-powered console that was looking for $950,000, has already got nearly $1.5 million pledged, and this is with 29 days to go. As you can see from the Kickstarter page, it looks like the console will run Android App-Store games.

So in other words, it will be smartphone gaming, but with buttons.

Count us in. I’m expecting this will be a big success.

So, what does everyone else think about this? Are you going to pledge money?

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  • I love the design, too. It's rare to find indie projects that look as fashionable as a "mainstream" console – and that's important. I think this will be a big success.

  • Probably won't be pledging money, but the $99 level is tempting to reserve a console. It does seem like a great environment for indies and a good looking controller.

  • I love that this is only 100bucks I will def. get into this next time i have a few extra bucks. even if it doesnt sell well its still a cool concept and looks awesome. plus im sure there will be at least a few cool features that come from it

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