Review: Outshine (PC)


Typing isn’t entertaining. I write 100,000 words in a typical week. The idea of playing a game with typing as the central mechanic doesn’t scream “entertaining downtime” to me, on the face of things. Yet actually sitting down to play one of these things is an oddly compelling experience. The…

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Review: Shadows Over Loathing (PC)


The “Loathing” property occupies a very distinct part of gaming and Internet culture. Kingdom of Loathing is 20 years old now (and still going strong!), and one of the pioneers in Web-based, massively online role-playing gaming. Thanks to hugely entertaining stickman character artwork and ridiculously entertaining nerd humour, it was…

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Looking ahead at the future of Bear & Breakfast


I’ve been in love with the concept of Bear & Breakfast from the get-go. A bear? Running a B&B? Perfect! However, the bear management adventure game has had some complaints since launch, especially for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Today, the developer (Gummy Cat) shared its vision for…

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Review: This Way Madness Lies (PC)


For years now Zeboyd has been the indie JRPG developer for delivering true love letters to the genre in a way that fans of the genre love. Cthulhu Saves The World and Cosmic Star Heroine are both magnificent, highly entertaining “retro” JRPGs that respect the player’s time and provide a…

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