Want more brilliant Spirit Hunter horror? You’re going to need to crowdfund it


News by Matt S.  Experience Inc’s horror visual novel series, which started with Death Mark before moving on to NG, has become my favourite horror this side of Project Zero. They’re not necessarily commercial works however, which is why Experience is now relying on crowdfinding for the third in the…

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Review: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Matt C. As soon as you describe a Kickstarter project as a spiritual successor to something beloved, you set the expectations through the roof—not least of all when the original creator comes out of the shadows to take the helm. Even if the end result is something that’s…

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Support this mystery adventure game by a Melbourne dev in its final crowdfunding hours!


News by Lindsay M. I’m so excited about this game that I’ve backed it myself on Kickstarter, breaking that promise I’ve mentioned making about not backing things anymore. But my gut tells me that 103 by Aussie developer Dystopia Interactive is not only something special, but something worth supporting through…

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