Review: Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows (Apple iPhone)


Review by Matt S. How can it be this hard to do a Game of Thrones video game that does the property justice? There’s more than enough material to work with. You’ve got dark, grim fantasy, monsters and all. You’ve got dark, grim political intrigue, (human) monsters and all. There…

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Dissidia Final Fantasy also has a mobile game, and it’s delightful


Article by Matt S. As you probably saw in my review, published yesterday, I’m a big fan of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. It has proven to be one of the few times that I’ve enjoyed a game with a competitive online focus, and I expect that I’ll be playing it…

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Liyla is a game about Palestine, and for all Apple’s efforts to block it, it’s essential


Article by Matt S. Liyla and the War of Shadows is a free game that you’ll be able to complete in ten minutes. It’s also a game that I consider to be essential, and the most important game that you will play in a very long time. Developed by a…

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