The Australian government has given the games industry the middle finger. AGAIN


Opinion by Matt S. Rack off, Senator Fifield. For those of you who aren’t plagued by the incompetent, useless government currently indulging its power fantasies in Australia, we have a hyper-conservative party in power that, in the same week announced plans to become a global leader in arms manufacture and…

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Australia’s game’s industry would like for arts minister, Senator Mitch Fifield, to finally pay attention, please


News by Matt S. One of Australia’s major games industry bodies, iGEA, has published an open letter to Senator Mitch Fifield, the person who’s meant to be in charge of initiatives to support and grow the local game development industry. He is the Arts and Communications minister, after all, and…

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The Australian Arts Party builds Australia’s first comprehensive games industry policy


News by Matt S. As all Australians know, there’s a federal election coming up in a little under two weeks now. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t hold much interest to a gaming website, but as we’re an Australian publication, and as one political party has just announced something of intense…

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Liyla is a game about Palestine, and for all Apple’s efforts to block it, it’s essential


Article by Matt S. Liyla and the War of Shadows is a free game that you’ll be able to complete in ten minutes. It’s also a game that I consider to be essential, and the most important game that you will play in a very long time. Developed by a…

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On tackling the Islamic Revolution of 1979 through a videogame


Interview by Matt S. I honestly can’t imagine a more difficult topic to approach through a video game than one of the most dramatic, important, and political events that has happened in modern history; the Islamic Revolution of 1979 that took place in Iran. Related reading: Another interview about Iran,…

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