Dissidia Final Fantasy also has a mobile game, and it’s delightful


Article by Matt S. As you probably saw in my review, published yesterday, I’m a big fan of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. It has proven to be one of the few times that I’ve enjoyed a game with a competitive online focus, and I expect that I’ll be playing it…

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Review by Matt S.  I really wanted to love Egglia. So much of the game is actually quite admirable. It’s gorgeous and charming. But, despite being a premium-priced game, its stubborn adherence to mobile game conventions really lets it down. The whole point of pricing a mobile game as a…

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Review: Rome: Total War (Apple iPad)


Review by Matt S. As a platform, the Apple iPad and other tablet devices are perfect for strategy games. The immediacy of interaction, through touching units and characters to direct them about, has an experiential element that helps strategy games as well, making you feel like an omnipresent commander with…

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