Opinion by Matt S. Nintendo is doomed. It’s all over. Valve has entered the scene with a portable gaming console that is basically the “Valve Switch.” It’s going to ruin Nintendo just like when Valve destroyed Sony and Microsoft’s console business with its Steam Boxes. Remember them? Back in 2013…

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News by Matt S. Developer, Inkl, has announced that it will launch Arthurian strategy game, Pendragon, on PC (Steam and GOG) on September 22. Promising to be a heavily narrative-driven take on the knights and legends, the game has a vibrant art style and intriguing premise. From the press release:…

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The New Zealand Dark Souls-like has a release date for lots of new platforms


News by Matt S.  Ashen, the well-regarded New Zealand-made Dark Souls-like, was previously an Epic Games Store and Xbox One exclusive. Now the game has a release date set for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, as well as Steam and GOG, breaking it free of exclusivity. It launches on all of…

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Opinion by Matt S.  A number of Japanese developers (predominantly visual novel developers) have been getting notices from Valve to the effect that their “game features pornographic imaging, and this is in violation of Steam’s rules”. If the developer doesn’t fix its content, according to the note, their game will…

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