News by Matt S. Developer, Inkl, has announced that it will launch Arthurian strategy game, Pendragon, on PC (Steam and GOG) on September 22. Promising to be a heavily narrative-driven take on the knights and legends, the game has a vibrant art style and intriguing premise. From the press release:…

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The New Zealand Dark Souls-like has a release date for lots of new platforms


News by Matt S.  Ashen, the well-regarded New Zealand-made Dark Souls-like, was previously an Epic Games Store and Xbox One exclusive. Now the game has a release date set for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, as well as Steam and GOG, breaking it free of exclusivity. It launches on all of…

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Primordia out now on PC


The graphic adventure Primordia is kind of like life after people, but with robots.Promordia explores a lifeless world that’s long been without its human population. Left behind in their absence is a race of sentient machines. Made by humans in the distant past, these bots live on as a testament…

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Resonance available now on PC


Wadjet Eye and developer Vince Twelve’s Resonance is now available for some old school adventuring. If you haven’t been following the game’s development, Resonance is an adventure title forged in the classic style- in every sense of the term. You won’t find any 3D here, nor is there a trace…

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