Primal Carnage is updated; now comes with music


You may remember that recently Digitally Downloaded’s mystery man, V8Ninja, reviewed multiplayer shooter, Primal Carnage. That rather brilliant idea of giving people man-eating Dinosaurs to control in all-out war was, according to the review, a brilliant idea a little underdone in execution. One of the criticisms that Mr. Ninja had…

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Retro City Rampage just got even better (than it already was)


Even after an extensive development cycle spanning over a time period of ten years, there’s still no rest for Retro City Rampage creator and sole developer, Brian Provinciano. Even after the game’s release, he’s been listening to fans’ feedback and has implemented a number of improvements and adjustments to make the experience…

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A very cool looking action/fighting game called Kung Fu Strike chops Live this week along side a surprisingly pretty arcade flyer in Dogfight 1942. Kung Fu Strike is a fighter with a stylish, Street Fighter IV-like look. From the screenshots, it also seems like you get put up against some…

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New Super Mario Bros 2 will be available day and date with the retail release of the game. That’s pretty big news. You know what else is pretty big? More Theatrhythm. There are more than a few fans of Square/Enix’ rhythm-puzzle game Theatrhythm. Now fans can get even more of…

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