Shadow Warrior 3 announced with a classic Shadow Warrior trailer


News by Matt S. Devolver Digital and developer, Flying Wild Hog, have announced the third in the Shadow Warrior series, which Flying Wild Hog picked up and rebooted back in 2014. This announcement came with a trailer that is… well, classic Shadow Warrior stuff. Shadow Warrior is irreverent, to put…

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Fire Emblem, retro games… and this podcast goes places (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #16)


Note: While Digitally Uploaded tries to be an all-ages podcast, we do get a little silly on this particular episode. So apologies in advance for that. There may have been something in the water this week. But anyway, in between all the nonsense (and there is a lot of nonsense…

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Review: Demetrios (Sony PlayStation Vita)


Review by Britta S. “I fart therefore I am.” Thus speaks our hero – or rather anti-hero – Bjorn Thonen, a Parisian antiques dealer whose shop is stocked with what can only be described as secondhand cast-offs of dubious value. He is the archetypal thirty-something man-child: a slob with questionable…

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