The Friday Ten: Remembering the Nintendo 3DS with these ten wonderful experiences


List by Matt S.  This week brought with it the sad news that Nintendo has formally ceased production of the 3DS hardware. Of course, the console was already very much legacy at this point and Nintendo has long shifted all its development resources over to the Switch, but the 3DS…

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The Friday 10: Ten must-play JRPGs on the Nintendo Switch


List by Matt S. The Nintendo Switch is well over two years old now, and has built up an incredible library of stuff to play. This includes everyone’s favourite genre, the JRPG, with a blend of ports and exclusives, first and third party, giving JRPG fans no end of stuff…

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Review: Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Nintendo Switch)


Fire Emblem has traditionally been known for three things. Firstly, everyone knows the characters of Fire Emblem. Everyone has their favourites. They’re usually gorgeous and sexy, and that’s just great. Secondly, Fire Emblem is known for its expansive, epic narrative arcs. Thirdly, it’s known for a remorseless difficulty and permadeath…

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