E3 Trailer: Your reminder that there’s an adorable Tsum Tsum game on the way


News by Matt S.  Disney’s Tsum Tsum are delightful. They’re a range of collectible stuffed toys that are shaped as round cylinders, covering the entire range of Disney characters, and these things are very, very collectible. So much more so than those useless Funko Pop figures. Japan in particular has…

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Review: Storm Boy: The Game (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Harvard L. Colin Thiele’s Storm Boy is a book taught in primary schools across Australia. It’s a touching story of a boy living with his reclusive father on the wild South Australian coastline, and his interactions with the natural environment. I have fond memories of this story as…

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Review: Looney Tunes Galactic Sports (Sony PlayStation Vita)


It’s always a bad sign for a console when the manufacturer’s own interest in it has dropped to publishing games like this. Looney Tunes Galactic Sports isn’t terrible, but it’s almost the dictionary definition of a something thrown together quickly to cash in on a license. Which is amusing in…

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