Primal Carnage is updated; now comes with music

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You may remember that recently Digitally Downloaded’s mystery man, V8Ninja, reviewed multiplayer shooter, Primal Carnage.

That rather brilliant idea of giving people man-eating Dinosaurs to control in all-out war was, according to the review, a brilliant idea a little underdone in execution.

One of the criticisms that Mr. Ninja had of the game is that it lacked music. Pretty important thing, right? The good news is that the game has now been updated to feature a full soundtrack.

I haven’t played the game, but after a quick listen of the soundtrack, it does seem very fitting to the theme of the game.

Scratch the music off the naughty list for Primal Carnage, then. And, while I question the wisdom in releasing a game so unfinished that it lacks one of the most important atmospheric elements of any game, I must commend the developers for at least making sure it’s done properly before adding it to the finished product.

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