Guardian Cross – Rebirth System now live with 1.2 patch

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Guardian Cross by Square Enix is a collectible card game that allows you to capture creatures while hunting, and then level them up as you traverse a map looking for NPC opponents to battle or PC enemies in the Coliseum. The new 1.2 patch of the game has gone live, and with it the new Rebirth System.

If you are a new player interested in joining, I would recommend using a referral code so you can start off with a 4 start ultra rare. You can use mine if you would like:


Now for this Rebirth System – I have included the details below. This should be a pretty significant change to how the player vs player arena looks for the next few weeks. This will cause about half of my ‘starting lineup’ to change dramatically this week, for example.

<Rebirth System>
The Rebirth system allows players to further enhance Guardians that have attained their maximum level.

– 4★ or 5★ Guardians that have attained the maximum level.
– Two of the same Guardian and 5,000 GP.

* The Rebirth option is available under Guardians >> Enhance Guardians.

<Effects of Rebirth>
– Reborn Guardians are reset to level 1, and can reach level 60 (4★) and level 70 (5★).
– New abilities are learned at level 60 (4★) and level 70 (5★). These final abilities differ between Guardians.

– Abilities acquired from magic stones by either the target or sacrificed Guardian will not be retained by the reborn Guardian.
– Stat enhancements from magic stones in both the target and sacrificed Guardian will be retained by the reborn Guardian.

<Guardian Types>
– The reborn Guardian retains the type of the target Guardian.
– Reborn Guardians take on new, enhanced types when the target and sacrificed Guardian share the same type.
– Enhanced types do not exist for Cool and Ace types.

<Rebirth of Limited Guardians>
– Limited Guardians can be combined with non-limited version of the same Guardian.
– Reborn limited Guardians do not acquire a new ability at level 70.
* Limited refers to those Guardians with a color border (bronze, silver, or gold).

<Special Rebirth Combinations>
– The following special Guardian combinations are also possible under the Rebirth system (target + sacrificed):

– Lord of the Inferno + Ifrit
– Iron Maiden + Vampire Matron
– Requiem Banshee + Serenade Banshee
– Pumpkin Chunkin’ Titan + Titan
– Banshee Witch + Serenade Banshee
– Jolly Old Aji Dahaka + Aji Dahaka
– Serpentress Lamia + Aji Dahaka
– Barbariccia + Sphinx Empress
– Scarmiglione + Crocell
– Cagnazzo + Apsara
– Rubicante + Agni
– Golbez + Thor
– Christmas Banshee + Serenade Banshee
– Yuletide Lich + Morrighan
– Valentine Specter + Shiva

The following Guardians cannot be enhanced via the Rebirth system:

– Godvessel Vimana
* Godveseel Vimana cannot be gifted or traded.

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