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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Level editor update coming to Badland for iOS

Many deem Frogmind’s Badland as one of the classic must-have games for Apple’s mobile operating system. Even Apple agrees, with the game almost always being featured in the App Store for one reason or another. It’s also touted as one of the most updated games of all time, going from the original gameplay to including extra levels, missions, achievements, and multiplayer modes.

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Another new update to Badland is on the way, and this one may be the biggest yet: a level editor. It won’t cost a penny. And there’s a trailer (although that's not an iPad they're using...)!

The level editor is a shiny new version of the tool Frogmind used to create the game. When you’re finished a level it can be published (it need to be beatable, so no tricks!). You can also browse through and play other people’s creations, and once per week Frogmind will feature a new level.

The level editor update for Badland is expected to roll out for the iOS version of the game in the next few weeks.

- Lindsay M.
News Editor
Level editor update coming to Badland for iOS
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