Alien: Isolation trailer shows Amanda Ripley’s improvisational skills


News by Jedediah H. Perusing the message boards and comments regarding Alien: Isolation, one thing is evident: gamers felt hoodwinked over Aliens: Colonial Marines, so they’re sceptical of taking any chances with Alien: Isolation, saying things like “I was duped before, man. I’ll wait for a week after reviews before…

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Samurai Warriors 4 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition exclusive to PS4


News by Jedediah H. For you fortunate women and men among us who’ve taken the loyal initiative, gambolled into the electronics department of a local conglomerate or mom-and-pop shop, and thoughtfully (or thoughtlessly, depending on your priorities and financial situation) purchased, with an irresistible voice that was a combination of…

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate adds even more characters to its versatile roster


News by Jedediah H. Until the release of Dynasty Warriors 8, Warriors Orochi 3 was my all-around favourite Warriors title. Because of the 120+ characters, which included my BFF Ryu Hayabusa, and a story free from the restraints of the Three Kingdoms’ narrative that allowed said characters from the Dynasty…

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