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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kung Fu Strikes the Xbox Live Update

A very cool looking action/fighting game called Kung Fu Strike chops Live this week along side a surprisingly pretty arcade flyer in Dogfight 1942.

Kung Fu Strike is a fighter with a stylish, Street Fighter IV-like look. From the screenshots, it also seems like you get put up against some very steep odds which definitely reminds me of the Dynasty Warriors series. That's an interesting (to say the least) cross of styles, but it looks like one that might have worked out pretty well.

Dogfight 1942 looks like it might have some serious potential. It's a really nice looking flight 'sim' that the developer City Interactive says straddles that line between sim and arcade. That'd be nice since it's been quite a few years since a game managed that mixture with any real success. Of course, I'm a little biased to begin with since (to me) the words flight sim are seldom preceded or followed by the word 'fun'.

And finally, if you didn't pull the trigger on some of the bigger releases on XBLA over the last year, you might be in luck. There are a number of solid sale downloads up this week on the price chopping block including Sine Mora, Alan Wake's American Wasteland, and Limbo. Those are some weird and spooky titles to get you going as we head toward Halloween in this unofficial first full week of Autumn... and yes, I know Sine Mora isn't a horror game, but anything from Grasshopper Manufacture definitely counts in the weird department in my book.

Oh, and don't forget Hearthfire! Build a house, start a family, and defend your stuff- Skyrim style.




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Kung Fu Strikes the Xbox Live Update
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