Review: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Nintendo 3DS)


Review by Clark A. Visual novels in the vein of Danganronpa and Steins;Gate have garnered a broader, worldwide audience in recent years. It’s possible they owe a touch of that heightened interest to a humble defence attorney, Phoenix Wright, who first appeared in North America when the Nintendo DS was…

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The Friday Ten: The ten best visual novels of all time


List by Matt S. It has been a really good week for visual novels, with both Chaos;Child and Bad Apple Wars launching in the one week. Indeed, it’s been a really good couple of years for the genre, as localisation outfits have come to realise that there is a market…

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Spring Anime 2016: Lawyers, heroes, exorcists, glamour, and world peace


Article by Clark A.  The spring anime season brings one highly anticipated show about a hero in training, but I suppose you could say heroism is a central theme for all of them. Whether it’s a matter of directly purging evil, upholding the law (hey, lawyers aren’t all evil), beta…

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