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I don’t know about you guys but I think Tokyo Game Show 2015 is turning out to be way more interesting than E3, with one surprise after the other. Now, a few years after the delightfully campy Ace Attorney movie adaptation by prolific director Takashi Miike — that you should totally watch, by the way — we’re finally getting the Phoenix Wright anime that many of us have been yearning for.

Not a whole lot of information was given, but Capcom announced at its TGS stage that the show will begin airing in April 2016. After playing the original trilogy what seems like a million times, I do hope we get to see a completely new storyline and continuity!

Before you go, also check out this new trailer for Ace Attorney 6 that Capcom has released, though it’s only available in Japanese for now.

Looking gorgeous, Capcom!

– Eduardo R.

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