The best ten games of 2020 to date


List by Matt S.  It has been a terrible, terrible year to date. In Australia it has been a rolling nightmare of record, devastating bushfires… and then we’ve all shared the experience that is COVID-19. The video games we’ve been playing have been pretty good, though. It’s not exactly a…

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TGS 2019 interview: On Utawarerumono’s transition from R18+ action to breathtaking fantasy epic


Interview by Matt S. In addition to being a series that is fascinatingly inspired by Ainu culture (read about that in my previous interview), the other thing that I’ve always found interesting about Utawarerumono is its progress as a property. It’s still very niche, of course, but it’s one of…

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TGS 2019 Interview: On Utawarerumono and its Ainu influences


Interview by Matt S. Japan’s Ainu people have become one of the most diminished native peoples in the world. They’re native to northern Japan, predominantly Hokkaido, and if you weren’t aware of that, don’t worry, you’re by no means alone. Many, many people in the west don’t even realise there…

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