Review: My Hero One’s Justice 2 (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A. With the original My Hero One’s Justice, developer Byking assembled a competent anime arena fighter. Its stylish comic book aesthetics harnessed My Hero Academia’s spirit and the combat system leveraged even the cast’s most eccentric superpowers. Much like series protagonist Midoriya Izuku, though, its untapped potential…

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Review: My Hero One’s Justice (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A. Fresh off its first feature film, heading into its fourth season, and over 200 manga chapters deep, My Hero Academia is a full-fledged phenomenon. My Hero One’s Justice, an anime arena fighter, is a logical extension of author Kohei Horikoshi’s ongoing scheme to conquer the entertainment…

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Spring Anime 2016: Lawyers, heroes, exorcists, glamour, and world peace


Article by Clark A.  The spring anime season brings one highly anticipated show about a hero in training, but I suppose you could say heroism is a central theme for all of them. Whether it’s a matter of directly purging evil, upholding the law (hey, lawyers aren’t all evil), beta…

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