Review: Stardust Vanguards (Sony PlayStation 4)


Stardust Vanguards is another entry into the recent deluge of local multiplayer games that try to capture the retro-style couch fun nostalgia. Games such as Towerfall Ascension and now this focus closely on pixel graphics, catchy music and some fast and furious multiplayer action. Stardust Vanguards manages to check all of these…

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Review: Starwhal (Microsoft Xbox One)


In an era where local multiplayer games are harder and harder to find, Starwhal is a great love letter to those of us who used to spend countless hours playing games such as Madden, Mario Kart, GoldenEye or Tekken with our buddies. Unusual, though? Absolutely. You are after all, controlling…

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Review: Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (Sony PlayStation 4)


The Kung Fu Panda films were unexpectedly good in my eyes. Compared to most Pixar movies, I always saw DreamWorks as a cheap, unfulfilling alternative. But, surprisingly enough, the first Kung Fu Panda film was really great, and also game birth to a rather good adventure video game tie-in most…

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