Fire Emblem, retro games… and this podcast goes places (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #16)


Note: While Digitally Uploaded tries to be an all-ages podcast, we do get a little silly on this particular episode. So apologies in advance for that. There may have been something in the water this week. But anyway, in between all the nonsense (and there is a lot of nonsense…

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This week on the DDNet Podcast: Going hands-on with Nintendo Switch, and talking about Fire Emblem and censorship!


This week we have one of the DDNet team, Brad, on the show to talk about his hands-on experience with the Nintendo Switch, following a media hands-on event thrown by Nintendo. Finally, we talk about censorship, after discovering that Gal*Gun: Double Peace has been banned from sale in New Zealand.…

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The Friday Ten: Ten Gamecube/ Wii games we want to see remastered in HD for the Nintendo Switch


List by Matt S.  Remasters are a trend that one expects will last into perpetuity. For the consumer, they give them another chance to play through their favourite games, perhaps with better graphics or additional content. For the developer and publisher, it’s an additional opportunity to take earn some additional…

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