Article by Matt S.  SEGA and Creative Assembly have pulled off something truly remarkable. Total War: Three Kingdoms has become the most successful title in the Total War series, and a massive hit for what remains an incredibly niche genre. With over 150,000 concurrent players at once at a point,…

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All about Tokyo Game Show, women in history games, and Telltale’s demise (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #35)


We’re back! After a week’s hiatus so Matt could attend Tokyo Game Show, we’re now back to chat about all the great (and not such great stuff) that happened in the last week. First we chat about TGS, and then the sad news about Telltale Games, before moving on to…

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Review: Rome: Total War (Apple iPad)


Review by Matt S. As a platform, the Apple iPad and other tablet devices are perfect for strategy games. The immediacy of interaction, through touching units and characters to direct them about, has an experiential element that helps strategy games as well, making you feel like an omnipresent commander with…

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