The Friday Ten: The ten finest games to bear the Final Fantasy name


List by Matt S.  It’s one of the most iconic names in the games industry. Square Enix needs only slap “Final Fantasy” on the box to almost guarantee to generate a fever hype behind the game. And Square Enix knows that all too well, which is why there is an…

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Review: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (Nintendo 3DS)


Review by Matt S. Whoever thought up the concept of the original Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was a genius. With music being one of the strengths of the Final Fantasy franchise that has remained consistent throughout its history, even as people have waxed and waned about the entertainment value of individual…

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Theatrhythm comes to iOS


One of the finest of all games released on the 3DS, Theatrhythm is a Final Fantasy fan’s dreams come true. Now it’s going to be much cheaper and on iOS. The press release is below, but in bullet point form: The game features music from every Final Fantasy game The…

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