A racer, a chicken, and a Moogle walk into the Nintendo Download

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What? You heard this one already? That’s doubtful considering this is one of the stranger assortments of games to have appeared on the eShop in a while. 

The headline game this week is Speed X 3D, a futuristic racer where you careen through the deepest recesses of the final frontier, all while speeding along a techno, Tron-like racetrack. It looks kinda neat and I dig the trippy visuals- even with the not-so-great obstacle pop-in.

Also this week, the demo for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is up and ready to rock. Get a taste for a game that we simply adore here at Digitally Downloaded and is scoring all kinds of love from both critics and players.

Finally, aside from a music video and a few toss-aways for the 3DS and DSi, we’ve got Toki Tori (GBC). Admittedly, I’ve never had the pleasure of playing (much less ever hearing of) Toki Tori, but I have to say I’m intrigued.

This GameBoy Colour classic sees you cast as a small, yellow… chicken. You’re goal is to survive a bunch of monsters in what looks like a haunted castle while collecting your missing eggs. It’s just… yeah. Might have to play this one.



  • Speed X 3D – $3.99 — SpeedX 3D for Nintendo 3DS™ is a stunning tunnel racer that tests players’ skill and transports them into a trance, filled with great electronic music and hypnotic graphics.
  • Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D – $3.99 — Head into the deepest reaches of Africa, armed with your wits, your skills, and an array of high-powered weapons and accessories!



Virtual Console

  • Toki Tori – $3.99 — In this Game Boy™ Color classic from 2001, you must keep a small, yellow chicken safe by avoiding monsters and traps while working out how to collect all the eggs in each level before time runs out. 



  • Escape the Virus: Shoot’em Up! – $1.99/200 points — Escape the Virus, an action puzzle series, is back with totally new game-play modes. In the Shooter mode the prey is now the predator. You will chase down and shoot hordes of vicious viruses. It’s time to take the medicine! 

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