The Friday Ten: The ten best Warriors games ever made


List by Matt S. As anyone who knows me knows, I am a massive fan of Koei Tecmo’s Warriors (or Musou, as it’s known in Japan) franchise. Where other people see “button masher” or whatever, I see action games that do a great job of taking real history (or a…

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Warriors Orochi 4, Nintendo on mobile, and more! (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #36)


Warriors Orochi 4 has been released! As we’re all big fans of the Warriors series on DDNet, this naturally dominated our conversation this week. Additionally, Nintendo has released its first mobile game that wasn’t based on an existing property; Dragalia Lost is the company’s first mobile-first effort. We have a…

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The Friday Ten: Looking back at ten of the best PSP titles


The PSP was a beast of a console. As with its successor, the PlayStation Vita, the PSP went through its life being quite under appreciated (and unsupported) in the west (and by western developers), but the Japanese loved it, so the Japanese developers used it as an opportunity to cheaply…

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