The Friday Ten: The ten finest games to bear the Final Fantasy name


List by Matt S.  It’s one of the most iconic names in the games industry. Square Enix needs only slap “Final Fantasy” on the box to almost guarantee to generate a fever hype behind the game. And Square Enix knows that all too well, which is why there is an…

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Interview: The man that killed a chocobo to make a Final Fantasy game


In Final Fantasy Type-0, a chocobo dies horribly in the opening cut scene. This is pretty heavy stuff to watch. Ever since 1988’s Final Fantasy II on the Nintendo Entertainment System, chocobos have been faithful steeds to rival the very noblest of horses. They have been beloved pets with charming…

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Some interesting tidbits out of Square Enix


A handful of small items were attributed to Julien Merceron, who is the worldwide technology director at Square Enix.  Perhaps one of the most interesting was that Agni’s Philosophy, which was an impressive technical demo, may be getting more play around June of next yar.  They said that there would…

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