The Australian government has given the games industry the middle finger. AGAIN


Opinion by Matt S. Rack off, Senator Fifield. For those of you who aren’t plagued by the incompetent, useless government currently indulging its power fantasies in Australia, we have a hyper-conservative party in power that, in the same week announced plans to become a global leader in arms manufacture and…

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Senator Mitch Fifield’s dismal performance in senate estimates shows the contempt the Australian government has for games


Opinion by Matt S. Yesterday the CEO of iGEA, Ron Curry, published an open letter to Senator Mitch Fifield, the Minister for Arts and Communications, and the person in the federal government that has ultimate responsibility for the videogames industry. Today, in senate estimates, Greens senator, Scott Ludlam, as the…

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Australia’s game’s industry would like for arts minister, Senator Mitch Fifield, to finally pay attention, please


News by Matt S. One of Australia’s major games industry bodies, iGEA, has published an open letter to Senator Mitch Fifield, the person who’s meant to be in charge of initiatives to support and grow the local game development industry. He is the Arts and Communications minister, after all, and…

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