Scar comes to Disney Dreamlight Valley


I apologize that this new is a few hours late. In all honesty, getting me to put down my Switch to write this was basically like pulling teeth. That being said, Disney Dreamlight Valley has been my obsession for weeks now. I played for easily six to eight hours a…

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E3 Trailer: Your reminder that there’s an adorable Tsum Tsum game on the way


News by Matt S.  Disney’s Tsum Tsum are delightful. They’re a range of collectible stuffed toys that are shaped as round cylinders, covering the entire range of Disney characters, and these things are very, very collectible. So much more so than those useless Funko Pop figures. Japan in particular has…

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All-female protagonist September: My favourite games for iOS


Blog by Lindsay M. With the month coming to a close — this is my second to last post — I’ve realized I’ve been playing all these awesome games on my iPhone (and iPad, due to limited storage on my phone) and I’ve only written about Severed. For shame! With…

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