The Friday Ten: Remembering the Nintendo 3DS with these ten wonderful experiences


List by Matt S.  This week brought with it the sad news that Nintendo has formally ceased production of the 3DS hardware. Of course, the console was already very much legacy at this point and Nintendo has long shifted all its development resources over to the Switch, but the 3DS…

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The Friday Ten: Ten amazing Nintendo 3DS games you’ve probably not played


List by Matt S. We’ve got a couple of special Friday ten lists for you this week! With two handheld consoles in their twilights, we thought it would be fun to go through the respective libraries and come up with ten games for each that were criminally overlooked at the…

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The Friday Ten: The ten top JRPGs on the Nintendo 3DS


List by Matt S. The Nintendo 3DS has been an absolute powerhouse for the JRPG genre. After a shaky launch, many years ago now, the console rapidly developed into a real home for the genre, with everything from major games from major publishers through to very niche, indie stuff. Why…

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