Review: Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A. Touhou is a franchise known chiefly for its genre-defining bullet-hell insanity. Team Shanghai Alice’s wholehearted embracement of fan-made games (“doujin” more accurately), though, has led to a bustling, open-ended franchise where creativity is bread and butter. Its characters have gone on to star in everything from…

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Review: Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A. The term “bullet hell” is an accurate descriptor for the absurd number of bullets exchanged in hardcore 2D shooters. Franchises like Touhou have garnered reputations for the sheer technical prowess one needs to manoeuvre around projectiles that envelop the screen like hundreds of fireworks set off…

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Review: DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours (Sony PlayStation 4)


That DariusBurst launches at a standard retail price despite being both digital-exclusive and a niche 2D shooter represents unwavering faith from its publisher, Degica, in its raw quality. The Darius franchise hasn’t necessarily topped the charts throughout its 30 odd years on the market but it’s a brand that has…

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Review: Reign of Bullets (PC)


Despite what other reviews are saying, Reign of Bullets is more Metal Slug than Borderlands. To describe the game in the most blunt fashion as possible: it gets right what most scrolling shooters struggle at, with light-hearted humour, cartoony graphics, simple yet addictive upgrading system, and excellent production values. This…

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