Doodle Jump Ninja hits the App Store


Doodle Jump has been a favorite on the App store since the early days of the service, now the little hoppy guy is back… in black. The single largest update to the game in three years, Doodle Jump Ninja brings a shadowy ninja theme complete with new characters and power-ups.…

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Review: Horn (iPad)


It’s disappointing that so many people continue to insist that the iDevices are incapable of “proper” gaming experiences, because everyone should experience Horn. This is a beautiful, heartfelt game with an AAA-grade art style, and a simple but decidedly entertaining gameplay structure. There’s a touch of Studio Ghibli about this…

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Review: Grinsia (iPhone)


The RPG genre is a nice fit for the iPhone. Turn-based combat and single-button input reduces the discomfort from virtual control systems, and this is a genre where fans are quite happy to play with simple 2D sprites, making games relatively easy to develop for small teams. That said, Grinsia…

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