Doodle Jump Ninja hits the App Store

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Doodle Jump has been a favorite on the App store since the early days of the service, now the little hoppy guy is back… in black.

The single largest update to the game in three years, Doodle Jump Ninja brings a shadowy ninja theme complete with new characters and power-ups. And along with the new look, there’s also a new in-game store. 

From the shop you can spend the game’s currency on all kinds of neat stuff that’ll get you ahead. Here’s a taste of what’s new and what you can find in the store:

Exclusive to the Ninja theme are 4 unique characters:
·         Ninja: Classic ninja outfit
·         Sumo: Stomps to shake monsters off ledges
·         Shadow: Invisible to monsters
·         Double Jumper: Can do an extra jump mid-air

Also included in the Update are new power ups:
·         Resurrect Barrel: Provides an extra life
·         Head Start Cannon: Gives a healthy head start to the next game

Doodle Jump is available now (though you probably knew that already) for .99 USD. You can grab it here

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  • If only the Amazon App Store would get this update, then I might actually spring for the game. As is, I hate supporting apps that don't get updates.

  • I'm sure it'll be along at some point. I know what you mean about games like this that don't get updates, but I think it's probably a testament to how well Doodle Jump does in it's 'vanilla' form that we haven't seen more add-on's. Angry Birds aside, I can't think of too many 'casual' titles off the top of my head that get a whole lot of post launch love from their developers.

  • Oh, sorry, I'm fine with a game not getting updates if it's full-featured right out of the box, so to speak, but the games that _do_ get updates on iOS and even Android usually don't get them until months later on the Amazon App Store, if ever.

    So my problem is essentially with Amazon and not games that don't get updates.

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