Review: Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (Nintendo Wii U)


Review by Clark A. Platformers that drown the player in obtusely hidden collectibles often don’t sit well with me, even if the game itself is a terrific example of the genre. Developers incorporate ensembles of near-useless baubles to inject games with additional hours of life, but the result is more…

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Preview by Pierre-Yves L. Second chances are not something that come around everyday. Unfortunately earlier this year, Neverland had to close its doors even after the release of the successful Rune Factory 4. Within the same year, Two Tribes almost suffered the same fate. Thankfully Two Tribes was one of…

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Interview: Pixel Worm: The Quest of a Daughter, the Glow of a Heroine


Interview by Jedediah H. The future is overloaded with possibilities. Because we tend to overestimate ourselves, when we lay belly-down on our sofas after a morning of spontaneous, mountainous trail climbing and boulder tossing, and visualise the landscape of our coming years, our predictions can be pretty, maybe even unrealistically,…

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Review: Rogue Legacy (Sony PlayStation Vita)


Review by Chris I. Heralding itself as a “rogue-lite,” Rogue Legacy comes clanking its way onto the PlayStation Vita, bringing its unique genealogy-based, retro platforming action to the portable console for great hardcore gaming on the go. It’s a game with seemingly endless personality and replay value, so be sure…

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