Retro reflections: Where the hell is a new Final Fantasy Tactics, Square Enix?


Retro reflections by Matt S. The last couple of months has brought us a pretty substantial influx of tactics RPGs. On the Nintendo Switch there was the excellent port of the excellent Disgaea 5, the 3DS got a remake of one of the early Fire Emblems in Fire Emblem Echoes,…

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Review: Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (Nintendo Wii U)


Review by Clark A. Platformers that drown the player in obtusely hidden collectibles often don’t sit well with me, even if the game itself is a terrific example of the genre. Developers incorporate ensembles of near-useless baubles to inject games with additional hours of life, but the result is more…

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Review: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (Wii U Virtual Console)


Review by Clark A.  As much as I enjoy JRPGs, I recognize that certain audiences simply can’t bear their often turn-based battle systems and gratuitous playtimes. While some will never be persuaded by the genre, playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga again as of one of the Wii U’s premiere…

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