The Friday Ten: Ten amazing PlayStation Vita games you’ve probably not played


List by Matt S. We’ve got a couple of special Friday ten lists for you this week! With two handheld consoles in their twilights, we thought it would be fun to go through the respective libraries and come up with ten games for each that were criminally overlooked at the…

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News by Matt S. Lost Dimension won’t appear on any “great games on the PlayStation 3/ PlayStation Vita” lists, and that’s a pity, because it really does belong there. A tactical RPG with some seriously intense storytelling themes, Lost Dimension was a mindscrew of a game in the vein of…

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Your games of July: Finally, a breather!


July is traditionally one of the slowest month of game releases in the year. Coming after the hype train of E3, it’s an opportunity for the games industry to reset and recover a little before ramping up towards Christmas. It’s no different this year, though there are some gems in…

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