Alien: Isolation trailer shows Amanda Ripley’s improvisational skills

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Perusing the message boards and comments regarding Alien: Isolation, one thing is evident: gamers felt hoodwinked over Aliens: Colonial Marines, so they’re sceptical of taking any chances with Alien: Isolation, saying things like “I was duped before, man. I’ll wait for a week after reviews before even considering picking this up.” As I, too, was massively disappointed with A:CM (I cried at the end of its 6 hour campaign for all the wrong reasons), this trailer for Alien: Isolation urges me to adopt the role of Amanda Ripley and discover the merits of SEGA’s new Alien game for myself.

Sure, it’s merely a CGI trailer devoid of game-play, but it envisions the claustrophobia; nefarious, dripping surroundings; and threatening omnipresence of the murderous xenomorph with a tone that is slightly more kinetic than Ridley Scott’s film but reminiscent of it, nonetheless. 

Did you just wet yourself in sympathetic fear for Amanda Ripley’s life?! I kind of did. With scepticism laced with optimism, I can’t wait to kind of do it again come October 7, 2014. 

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