Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate adds even more characters to its versatile roster

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Until the release of Dynasty Warriors 8, Warriors Orochi 3 was my all-around favourite Warriors title. Because of the 120+ characters, which included my BFF Ryu Hayabusa, and a story free from the restraints of the Three Kingdoms’ narrative that allowed said characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises the opportunity to rally wits and weapons against an apocalyptic hydra, I’ve put more effort into levelling up my characters than I have figuring out how to not stutter in a nervous cadence when addressing a cute woman in high heels. Now, as per the tradition with Warriors titles, with Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, we’re spoiled with even more characters, plus new storyline scenarios.
The two character additions you’ll probably find the most surprising and amazing are Sophitia Alexandra, from SOULCALIBUR fame, and Sterkenburg Cranach, from the ATELIER series. Check out their and the rest of the additions’ biographies from the press release:

 Sophitia Alexandra is a holy warrior and mother of two who was sent on a mission by the Olympian god of fire and smithing, Hephaestus. Her goal was to destroy the evil sword known as Soul Edge. However, her daughter was later taken hostage, and she was forced to fight to protect the evil sword. On her way home after the end of the battle she was swallowed up by the rift in space-time and brought to the Orochi dimension.

Sterkenburg Cranach is a former knight of the Kingdom of Arland. Although normally quiet, calm and collected, he roars into action when seeking information about his former king’s whereabouts or when his sense of chivalry is put to the test. After escorting Princess Meruru back to Arls, he was returning to Arland, but was sucked into the rift in space-time and found himself transported to this unknown world.

Nezha  is a young officer from the Mystic Realm, born in the area that overlapped the realms of humans and mystics. His skills got him accepted to the Mystic Army, but he lives to test himself in the most difficult battles he can find, and he freely wields his Fire Spear in action, no matter what situation he might encounter.

Tamamo is a bewitching mystic that appeared following the defeat of the Hydra. She has a very high opinion of herself and harbours a deep hatred for humans. Tamamo thrives on the chaos and negativity that a world at war can bring. By using the inscriptions on her scroll, she is able to interfere with the efforts of the humans and appears to have teamed up with Da Ji in order to carry out some mysterious plot.

Finally, Yinglong is an officer from the Mystic Realm’s ancient past. He fought admirably alongside Fu Xi and the other mystics against the demon hordes and is highly esteemed by his peers and an inspiration for his subordinates. Conversely, his sense of honesty leads him to never question the position of others, and he simply follows his convictions, which makes him somewhat inflexible at times.

Warriors will unite on 5 September 2014 for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One. So, which character are you most excited for? Watch the trailer, eat a snack high in protein and omega 3, and let us know.

-Jedediah H.

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