Revisiting Proteus and a retrospective on 2018


Opinion by Harvard L. Yesterday, in my Smash Bros. burnout, I decided to revisit Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles on the Switch because I thought it would be one that could relax me. Unfortunately, stepping back into Yonder after a break was confusing at first – I dropped into the…

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On the brilliance of the new wave of surrealist, avant-garde, “anti-game arthouse” game experiences


Feature by Matt S. Antonin Artaud’s play, Jet Of Blood (sometimes translated from its native French as “Spurt Of Blood”) opens as follows: YOUNG MAN: I love you and everything is beautiful. YOUNG GIRL: [With quavering voice] You love me and everything is beautiful. YOUNG MAN: [In a lower tone]…

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Developer profile; Ed Key


Article by Matt S. As our regular readers would know by now, we have launched a Kickstarter to fund the production of a book on the topic of games as art. And core to that book will be interviews with some of the games industry’s most prominent artistic game developers. With that…

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Review: Proteus (PC)


Next in the series of games as art is the somewhat minimalist Proteus recently released on the Steam store. The game can, and must inexorably be compared to Dear Esther. Why Zane would you compare a game against another right off the bat you might ask? To do that is…

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