Review: Katamari Damacy Reroll (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Matt S. When we think about “surrealism” as it’s applied to videogames, we usually end up taken down some pretty dark paths. Hidetaka Suehiro with Deadly Premonition, and Goichi Suda with the likes of Killer7, immediately come to mind when thinking about surrealistic games, or alternatively something like…

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On the brilliance of the new wave of surrealist, avant-garde, “anti-game arthouse” game experiences


Feature by Matt S. Antonin Artaud’s play, Jet Of Blood (sometimes translated from its native French as “Spurt Of Blood”) opens as follows: YOUNG MAN: I love you and everything is beautiful. YOUNG GIRL: [With quavering voice] You love me and everything is beautiful. YOUNG MAN: [In a lower tone]…

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