The man behind the Blue Reflection series: the most beautiful games of all


Mel Kishida wants his career to be defined by his work on the Blue Reflection series. If you remove this particular series, he’s still an enormously accomplished artist, but Blue Reflection in particular is something that he is deeply and personally involved with. Related reading: My preview of the upcoming…

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On history, authenticity and social responsibility: Wargaming and World of Tanks


Interview by Matt S. “Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” so the popular truism goes, and traditionally it has been the role of the arts to preserve history and make it palatable to the next generation – thus providing that source of collective “memory” across…

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Games are helping us ask critical questions about our growing ability to construct reality


Game Theory by Matt S. Note: To be upfront and fair, there are major spoilers for Death Come True and The Caligula Effect ahead. Don’t read on unless you’re comfortable reading discussion about the endings of these two games. Four years ago, an artist named Matsuda Keiichi produced a wonderful…

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