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PlayStation State of Play: May 30, 3:00PM PT / 6:00PM ET / 11:00PM BST.

I haven’t decided what to call Not-E3 yet. It needs a catchy name and Summer Game Fest ain’t it. Regardless of whether or not I’m prepared, though, that annual crazy week of game showcases at the beginning of June seems to be starting early this year with today’s PlayStation State of Play (which aired at the same time as a Marvelous event, but more on that in a later article) featuring news on 14 upcoming titles spread over about 35 minutes. Announcements include the Silent Hill 2 release date, a new mainline Dynasty Warriors game, a new fantasy action RPG called Ballad of Antara, the first look at gameplay from Monster Hunter Wilds, and more. All games listed will be released for PlayStation 5, though I’ve listed other known platforms if that information is available.

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Game highlights

Dynasty Warriors: Origins

There hasn’t been a mainline entry in the Dynasty Warriors franchise since Dynasty Warriors 9 in 2018. Despite the lack of a numeral in the title, Dynasty Warriors: Origins takes up that spot as next on the list. Think of it as a fresh start, new logo and all. For the first time in the series, the game tells the story through the eyes of a nameless hero in this historical tale of war. It features the electrifying 1 vs 1,000 gameplay that made the series so popular. An “unprecedented” (the developer’s word, not mine!) size and scale of enemy battles will overwhelm the battlefield, where coordination with allies is as important as slashing your way through the other side.

Dynasty Warriors: Origins will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series in 2025.

Infinity Nikki

The Nikki series of dress-up games is iconic and ever-evolving, with each new game trying to surpass the last in scope. Infinity Nikki is the fifth title; it merges dress-up gameplay with the open-world genre. (Why not, I guess?) All I know is that Infinity Nikki is way cute. Set on the continent of Miraland, this is a world where styling isn’t just about beauty – there’s magic involved. Nikki and her friend Momo will travel across various nations with unique cultures, meeting people and creatures. Levels blend puzzles, collecting, and platforming. There are multiple ways to collect outfits. The trailer shows off the Floating Outfit, the Purification Outfit, the Gliding Outfit, and the Shrinking Outfit. There are cozy sim vibes here too: fish, catch bugs, collect wool, and more.

Infinity Nikki will be released for PlayStation 5, with a beta test beginning later this year.

Ballad of Antara

I find Ballad of Antara curious, though I don’t entirely know why. The new IP is a free-to-play action-RPG game set a world vast in both geographical size and variety of cultures. Actually, let me correct that: it is set in two versions of the same world. In one, things are totally normal. In the other part, an unimaginable place called Para, there are peculiar sightings and encounters. An ancient power is invading and stealing the world’s fundamental essences. Each destination has its own Para as its unique essence is taken away, resulting in vastly different biomes, stories, heroes, and enemies. The game features multiple playable characters with the power to traverse both worlds – Emissaries. Each one has their own class, abilities, and background. The young girl seen in the trailer is the key to rallying Emissaries from across the world and discovering the truth behind the calamity affecting the land.

Ballad of Antara will be released for PlayStation 5 in 2025.

Where Winds Meet

It’s been two years since Where Winds Meet was announced for PC, and while there is still no release date it has been confirmed that the Wuxia open-world action-adventure RPG will also be launching for PlayStation. Play as a young swordsperson trying to master Chinese martial arts, enhancing your combat abilities, and solving puzzles. Skills can also be learned by observing and mimicking animal behaviour: breathe fire like a dragon, leap like a toad, roar like a lion, etc. Where Winds Meet is set in the Chinese period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, a time of turbulence and change. As players progress, they will learn the mystery of their character’s identity against the historical backdrop.

Where Winds Meet will be released for PC and PlayStation 5.

Monster Hunter Wilds

This first official trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds brings viewers to the game’s untamed landscape filled with new monsters, giving them a peek at the game’s story, characters, and system. The game has a research team investigating the Forbidden Lands. The hunter (fully voiced!) heads into the great unknown with a guild-appointed handler, a Palico partner, and a mysterious child. The game’s multidimensional biomes transform in unexpected ways, each populated with wildlife that has acclimatized to the surroundings. There is a seamless flow from story to gameplay sequences. A new type of mount, Seikrets, allow hunters to perform actions on the go. All 14 iconic weapon types are back and now include new actions. The game also features new systems.

Monster Hunter Wilds will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X in 2025.

Full list of featured games

  • Concord (Firewalk Studios) – launching for PC and PlayStation 5 on August 23
  • God of War Ragnarök (SIE Santa Monica) – launching for PC on September 19
  • Dynasty Warriors: Origins (Omega Force) – launching for PlayStation 5, as well as PC and Xbox Series X, in 2025
  • Infinity Nikki (Infold Games) – launching for PlayStation 5, beta test begins in Q3 2024
  • Ballad of Antara (TipWorks Studio) – launching for PlayStation 5 in 2025
  • Behemoth (Skydance) – launching for PSVR2 PSVR2 Fall 2024
  • Alien: Rogue Incursion (Survios) – launching for PSVR2 “this holiday season” (Q4 2024)
  • Marvel Rivals (NetEase Games) – launching for PlayStation 5, as well as PC and Xbox Series
  • Where Winds Meet (Everstone Studio) – launching for PlayStation 5, as well as PC
  • Until Dawn (remaster, Ballistic Moon) – launching for PlayStation 5, as well as PC, in “fall” (Q4) 2024
  • Path of Exile II (Grinding Gear Games) – launching for PlayStation 5, as well as PC
  • Silent Hill 2 (Bloober Team, Konami) – launching for PlayStation 5 on October 8
  • Monster Hunter Wilds (Capcom) – launching for PlayStation 5, as well as PC and Xbox Series, in 2025
  • Astro Bot (Team Asobi) – launching for PlayStation 5 on September 6

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