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The Wonderful 101 was a fan favourite Wii U exclusive by PlatinumGames. I never got much out of it, but it’s undeniable that for many people, it was one of the last of the dwindling Wii U library that really needed to make its way to platforms people still play with.

Now, thanks to Kickstarter, it will. Just a few hours ago, PlatinumGames threw the port of The Wonderful 101 up to backers, seeking a modest $50,000 for a Switch port, and $250,000 and $500,000 stretch goals for Steam and PlayStation 4 ports, respectively. With 7,411 backers (at time of writing), the campaign has already smashed through those stretch goals and currently sits at over $735,000. In just hours.

So we’ll be getting a port of The Wonderful 101, and with that kind of fan enthusiasm, PlatinumGames has surely got to be thinking to itself about a sequel as well.

Also, the number of backers is up to 7,586, and it has now raised over $750,000. In just the time that it took to write a couple of sentences. If you want to back it yourself, here’s the link.

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