Game developers need to be more responsible about how they handle history


Opinion by Matt S. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” That famous quote from philosopher George Santayana is of particular relevance to the video game industry. As the world’s most popular and widespread form of entertainment, video games have impact and shape how people view…

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Crusader Kings III gets its release date


News by Matt S. I do like games based in real-world history that actually respect the history, and Paradox Interactive’s strategy games have been some of the more respectful out there. Europa Universalis IV is great, for example, but as great as it is, there are a lot of people…

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A book about Japan that you should read: Japan Story


Book review by Matt S.  “Without military power”, Japan’s education minister announced in a radio address back in September 1945, “we go forward with culture.” His comment envisioned the country’s peaceful reinvention via education and the arts. Finding quality accounts of the development of Japan through its modern history is…

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Review: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Ginny W. The sunlight is almost blinding as it glints off the rolling hills of Phokis. My horse, Phobos, has somehow survived a bloodless goring by a bus-sized boar who charged right at us while we were enjoying a leisurely canter across a plateau. Unfortunately, he’s nothing like…

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